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Case Study: Enhancing Training Capabilities for a West Africa Security Company



Welcome to our case study showcasing how Invicta Performance Solutions partnered with a leading provider of security and training services in non-permissive hostile environments of West Africa. We worked closely with this client to address their challenges in outsourcing training services and the need for greater control and cost-efficiency. Through our specialist consultancy and unique software capabilities, we empowered them to revolutionise their training operations and achieve remarkable results.


The Challenge:

Our client faced significant challenges with their existing training setup. They were outsourcing training services, leading to high costs and limited control over the quality of training being delivered. It became crucial for them to develop in-house training capabilities that could ensure the required knowledge and practical skills for their client's personnel operating in the Sahel region of West Africa.


Our Solution:

Invicta Performance Solutions stepped in to provide a comprehensive solution tailored to our clients' specific needs. Leveraging our expertise, we developed and designed specialised training programmes aligned with the unique demands of working in non-permissive hostile environments. This included the creation of detailed course content, practical exercises, and assessments to meet the rigorous standards of the security sector.


Achieving Accreditation:

In addition to developing the training courses, we collaborated closely with our client to pursue certifications from two internationally recognised accreditation bodies. Our meticulous attention to detail and adherence to industry best practices ensured our client met the stringent requirements for accreditation. The certifications not only added credibility to their training programmes but also positioned them as a trusted and reliable provider in the security and humanitarian sectors.


Driving Business Success:

At Invicta Performance Solutions, our commitment extends beyond training development. We provided our client with valuable advice and support in preparing technical content for commercial tenders. Our expertise and guidance were instrumental in helping them win multiple bids, opening up several new revenue streams and expanding their business horizons.


Results and Benefits:

By partnering with Invicta Performance Solutions, our client achieved significant outcomes. They brought their training operations in-house, reducing costs associated with outsourcing while gaining full control over the quality of training being delivered. The certifications obtained elevated their reputation, instilling confidence in their clients and setting them apart from the competition. Furthermore, our collaborative efforts in tender support resulted in increased business opportunities and revenue growth.



The partnership between Invicta Performance Solutions and this client exemplifies the transformative power of IPS's specialised consultancy and unique software capabilities. We are proud to have enabled this client to develop their training capabilities, achieve industry certifications, and unlock new business potentials. If you are seeking similar solutions to optimise your training operations, we invite you to connect with us and explore how we can assist you in reaching your goals.

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